nokia 2690 keypad IC jumper ways and line tracks, full solution

Here's the full and complete solution for Nokia 2690 Keypad line tracks and keypad filter IC jumper ways including the power on-off key connection. This solution below may possibly help fix and repair a certain keypad malfunction that stop responding on a damaged Nokia 2690 cell phones.

Nokia 2690 keypad Line Tracks and filter IC jumper ways solution with power ON/OFF key
nokia 2690 full and complete solution

Ensure that the keypad membrane is perfectly clean before trying to trace each corresponding keypad keys that is not responding. Majority of each group of connection has three keys are connected together, therefore if only one or two keys are not working, the problem may lies on open line tracks. If more than three or all of keys are not working the problem may lies on a damaged EMI-ESD filter chip.