Nokia 1680c,1681c Charging Jumper Ways

Here's the Nokia 1680c and 1681 classic Charging Problem Solution. Just refer to the solution below and then locate the highlighted components and do some check and replacement procedures.

To fix charging problem like charger no response or shows no cahrging indication when the battery charger is plug-in, you may first check the charging pin connector for possible damaged or use another working charger. If that does not solved the problem, check the fuse and the protection diode as shown on the solution below.

Nokia 1680c or Nokia 1681c Not Charging Solution

nokia 1681 full charge jumper tracks

You may also trace the charging voltage connection line paths for possible open or cut-off lines. If both charging components and the line paths is okay the possible problem is caused by a faulty UEMCLITE chip,. You may need to reheat or rework this chip and replace if necessary.