Nokia C2-01 Display and Keypad Light Problem Solution

A dark LCD screen display on your Nokia C2-01 is cause by failure of LCD white LED back light. This solution may help fix the Nokia c2-01 with backlight LED problem both on display and keypads.

In fixing LCD screen display light problem, you may need to check or replace the LCD screen panel first, before going into any hardware components troubleshooting. The solution below provides the details of the components that holds for the keypad and display backlight to work. This may help to a wet or water damaged Nokia C2-01 phones, that result to light malfunction problem.

nokia C2-01 keypad and light problem Solution
Nokia C2-01 Keypad light and Display light problem solution

Just follow these simple hints on how to troubleshoot the LED light failure on a Nokia C2-01.

Nokia C2-01 Display Light (LCD LED) Problem repair:
1. Check/try to replace the LCD screen module.
2. Check/resolder the LCD pin connector.
3. Trace the LED+ supply voltage line paths.
4. Check the VBAT 3.7V across the coil.
5.Check/replace the coils, diode and capacitors.
6. The LED- line paths is directly connected to the solder ball bumps of the PEARL.  Reheat/Rework the PEARL IC.

Nokia C2-01 Keypad Light LED problem repair:
1. Check the LED light bulbs using a multimeter.
2. Check/replace the 47 Ohms resistors.
3. Trace the LED+ connection line paths, apply jumper wire if open or cut-off.
4. Use the Display LED- supply voltage if the keypad LED- is missing.