Nokia C2-01 MIC Problem Jumper Ways Solution

This is the Nokia C2-01 solution for Mic, mouthpiece microphone not working problem. The solution repair guide below simply shows the connection line paths of the microphone for troubleshooting.

Just follow some simple hints we provide on how to troubleshoot the microphone problem on Nokia C2-01 phones.

Nokia C2-01 MIC Problem Repair Solution

Nokia C2-01 Mic Jumper Ways
Here's the simple step by step instruction on how to fix a not working microphone on Nokia C2-01:
1. Check the microphone visually and using a multimeter, replace if found damaged.
2. Clean the MIC's terminal contact pads
3. Trace the outer and inner core MIC's contact pads connection line paths.
4. Check/replace the Filter coils and Resistor.
5. If the above procedures doesn't fix the problem, the possible faulty is the PEARL IC. reworking it might only fix the problem.