Nokia C5-00 LCD Screen Display Problem Solution

Here's the Nokia C5-00 LCD Screen Display Problem solution for hardware repair. If the display goes wrong and shows like blank or empty screen, white screen, blue screen, saturated, garbled and blurry etc.

We show you a basic info on how to fix and solved the problem.
This solution may only works if the LCD is not damaged, cracked or broken.
Display problem like blue or white screen, is caused by a corrupted firmware and can be fixed by restoring, flashing, updating the the phones firmware.

If however if the firmware confirmed okay but the problem still exists, therefore the problem may possibly lies on a faulty hardware components. In Nokia C5-00 there is no ESD/EMI filtering IC is used or mounted in the circuit. A display problem hardware troubleshooting on it, is a little bit risky. For you only have a few options to the components that needs to check or replace and after that the RAPS or CPU is at stake to work at.

Refer to the solution below and check the component highlighted on Nokia C5-00 PCB board.

Nokia C5-00 Display Problem Solution
Nokia c5-00 display problem jumper solution
Repair Hints for Nokia C5-00 LCD display problem:
1. Try replace the LCD screen first.
2. Try to restore, flash/update the Nokia C5-00 phone's firmware its RM-645 versions.
3. Visually check the LCD pin connector, if oxidized, clean it.
4. Read the 1.8V and 2.8V LCD supply voltage across to the pointed components.
5. Check/replace the labeled components.
6. If the above procedures doesn't fix the problem the possible problem may possibly lies on faulty RAPS IC. Reheat, rework or replacing it will only fix the display problem.